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Welcome to Arkaya

Arkaya Renewable Energy


Arkaya is a market leader in high-performance Solar Thermodynamic System & Hot water storage solutions in both Glass Lined and Stainless steel materials throughout the UK and Ireland. The Product can offer open vented, unvented and thermal store solutions for domestic hot water as well as provide stainless steel, and glass lined mild steel for commercial, industrial and marine calorifiers whether in standard, bespoke or one-off format. We offer total package solutions for domestic and commercial solar and air source heat pumps thermal hot water systems. Specifies, architects and house builders throughout the UK can enjoy a comprehensive total renewable package solution from initial site survey, system design, and training and supply of the whole solar package offering.


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This EcoBuild Arkaya Launch a New Series of

Solar thermal Collectors which is 30% more

efficient than present thermodynamic Collectors.  

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Mr.Vince Harris
  • Arkaya Solar Assisted Heat Pump

    In April this year my wife and I decided to accept Arkaya’s offer to supply and install a Solar Assisted Heat Pump System to run our household hot water supply and supplement our central heating.  We were attracted to this application due to our relatively high gas costs associated with four adults, two in their mid-nineties who require a constant room temperature. This combined with an earlier installation of Solar Panels where excess generation over normal demand will run the Heat Pump and thus significantly reduce running costs. I have the advantage of being a 40+ year veteran of the UK and overseas Power Sector as a Chartered Engineer and Senior Executive of the largest independent power producer in the world, listed on the London FTSE 100, where I am familiar with such type of equipment, its thermodynamic theory and mode of operation. 


    The main equipment comprises of three black heat exchange panels located on a suitable external wall which is generally out of sight and the main compressor and the central heating supplementary housings are located conveniently out of the way in the attic roof void. When in operation the system makes very little noise, similar to a domestic fridge/freezer which makes sense since in essence it is very similar equipment and works on an identical thermodynamic basis but reversed and tuned to achieve high temperatures for the hot water system by drawing heat in from outside ambient conditions via the black panels.


    Arkaya’s installation teams were excellent, courteous and caused the minimum of inconvenience and considering the modifications to the plumbing.  They also took exceptional precautions to minimize soiling of carpets by laying self-adhesive floor sheeting throughout their working area and access routes. The overall installation took 2 days with a further day for integrity checks, fine-tuning and fettling to achieve optimum performance of the system.


    Whilst it is too early to definitively declare a reduction in energy costs, since the day the Heat Pump System was commissioned our boiler has not been needed to heat the hot water with all of our demands continuously met throughout. Based on our personal experience to date I can recommend consideration of installing the Arkaya Heat Pump System and would be happy for prospective clients to view our neat system for themselves.



    Vince Harris OBE C.Eng., I Mech E., MEI







  • Every Arkaya product is manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring the unique quality that customers have come to expect from us. 
    Since the formation of the company our focus has always been on providing a superior quality of products and services, with every cylinder carefully crafted and double-checked to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, that all of our products are manufactured in line with approved British Standards and best practice governing the production of stainless steel and glass lined cylinders. With its nationwide distribution and excellent product availability, it is currently one of the biggest names in hot water storage.
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Thinking globally act locally
  • Whilst thinking globally we're trying to act locally by offering a range of high quality micro generation solutions as well as heat recovery and rainwater harvesting. By adopting some or all of these measures locally we can all reduce our carbon footprint and help with the global picture. That why we fully support the efforts of our aim  to provide a professional service to all our clients, both domestic and commercial, but with a personal and friendly touch. Having had experiences of being a “customer” of various trades and having both good and bad experiences, we wanted to use this to make sure that our clients are provided with an honest and factual discussion about any work they required as well as giving them a full picture of why the work is necessary and answering any questions that they may have.

Quality and Performance
  • Arkaya’s commitment to quality and performance is shown through its work with standards authorities such as the NSAI & the BRE. We regularly conduct product testing to improve and enhance  our products outputs and performance. Arkaya has grown to be one the country’s upcoming  manufacturer of hot water cylinders. Arkaya differentiates itself from its competitors through it superior product knowledge and service. All Arkaya sales and service staff are qualified engineers with extensive experience in their relevant field.

Environmental responsibility
  • Arkaya manufacture heating systems that respond to the challenges of rising fuel costs whilst protecting our environment. Environmental responsibility is central to all we do and we continue to develop and innovate to produce even more efficient products that make best use of our natural resources with an unbeatable breadth of green technologies including heat pumps, solar thermal and solar p.v. We design systems specifically to suit your project. We ensure all the components are appropriate to your individual requirements - whether you want to save on bills in a flat or are a developer of huge commercial buildings - maximising performance and return on investment. We are passionate about developing sustainable, high-performance and affordable alternatives for heating homes into the future.

    We are also dedicated to carrying out our manufacturing processes in an environmentally conscious and sustainable way.

Research & Development
  • We have a solid reputation in research and development collaborations with academic institutions and private companies, producing a range of high quality prototype and final market products. We never a compromise on quality. All of our products are designed after lot of research, so that you can be sure about the durability and efficiency. We are continually developing new innovative technologies and use only the best materials to ensure products meet performance and legislative standards. Our belief in straightforward solutions guarantees that, while our technology is sophisticated, our heating appliances are low maintenance and simple to install.

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