Solar Assisted Heat Pump

The Arkaya Solar Assisted Heat Pump uses thermodynamic technology panels or also known as solar thermal panel to heat water via the ambient temperature. This means that there is no need for sunlight and hot water is produced 365 days a year days a year even at very low temperatures.

Solar Thermal Collector

Solar thermal collector is a thermal panel that functions on the fundamentals of Thermodynamics. The Arkaya solar thermal collectors can be mounted on the wall or on the roof and are very advanced so do not require sunlight to function. Now Arkaya has extended the use of thermodynamics to use solar energy.

Engineering Behind It

Solar assisted heat pump is a thermodynamic system; it uses the ambient air to gain heat. With the help of the refrigerant flowing in it which is at -35 degrees the Arkaya thermal panels are always able to gain large amounts of heat. We have a manufacturing plant where we produce our systems.

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About Arkaya Energy Ltd.

solar assisted heat pump

Arkaya is a renewable energy company based in the UK and specialises in Thermodynamics and Solar Thermal Technology. The Solar Assisted Heat Pump is their best seller along with vented/unvented cylinders, solar thermal panels and many more. Arkaya are always coming up with most advanced technologies and ideas in order to help customers, both domestic and commercial thrive from their hot water and central heating. Soon to be introduced is the combined system for wholly thermodynamics house meaning water heating is thermodynamically sufficient and central heating is thermodynamically sufficient too. New on the market is the ability to heat swimming pools along with the existing technologies being constantly revised and renewed in order to assure the latest and most effective technologies are being used. After all, the customer is at the heart of our company and we strive to help everyone have an effective, efficient system in their homes, to save money and inevitably to save our planet..p>

Thermodynamic Solar Water Heating System.

The technology has managed to overcome the limitations of other heat pumps due to it being able to work efficiently at temperatures as low as -15 degrees as the refrigerant is at -35 so the system will always gain heat from the environment. The system provides eye opening savings on the gas bills with savings of nearly 80% plus it helps customer do their bit towards the environment. Arkaya thermodynamic water heating provides hot water up to 60 degrees and enhances the comfort level also, there is no need to wait for the boiler to kick in instead the hot water is available in your tap 24/7. Further, you can have more than 1 person using the hot water without worrying that suddenly your warm shower will turn in to a cold one

You can inspect a quick one retro-fit installation with our installer team ensuring little/no disruption to your daily life and enjoy immediate hot water as soon as they have finished. Control your system at ease with a touch screen panel to ensure your exact needs are being met throughout the year and the water is at the temperature you want it at. Hot water and central heating around the whole house whenever, wherever you desire. Heat your water and your home without worrying about the costs and know that Arkaya are always there to support your needs. Join Arkaya, install a Solar Assisted Heat Pump in your home, save money and also help to reduce your carbon footprint by going solar.

Are you paying ridiculous amounts of money on water and energy bills at home? Would you rather be using that money on a holiday or a new car? Why not switch to an Arkaya Solar Assisted Heat pump! Guaranteed to save you up to 80% on your energy bills, this system will provide you with hot water as soon as you turn on the tap 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You will no longer need to wait hours until you can wash the dishes or rush in the shower in fear of hot water running out! Not only do we guarantee high savings, the system is completely energy efficient using the outside temperature by means of a solar thermal panel to heat all water in your home. You can easily control the temperature of the water with the touch screen panel so even on freezing cold winter days, you can still enjoy a hot bath!.

At Arkaya, we are always considering new technologies as well as improving our existing systems. We are continuing to fit our systems in domestic houses and then reaching out to commercial buildings such as religious buildings, sports complexes and small hotels. We have already installed our systems in mosques and the peace of mind for the devotees is something we are really proud of and gives us feeling of immense satisfaction as well. We are currently working with the University of Nottingham and the Southampton Science Park to test our systems in UK conditions in order to monitor and improve the efficiency of our machines as well as considering new technologies and possibilities to incorporate renewable energy into everyday life. Our test rigs work rigorously in order to test sustainability, efficiency and life expectancy of systems which will greatly help us to make positive alterations in order to provide the best systems on the market.

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We at Arkaya Energy Ltd. have designed and developed various tools and techniques to give you an experience that is extremely transparent and hassle free along with helping your employees for varied needs that help in making their stay a memorable one.

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Why Choose Arkaya Energy Ltd.

Arkaya solar assisted heat pump is a complete retro fit model; in simpler terms all the connections with your cylinder or with the solar thermal collectors are outside so the installers do not need to open up the system to install. This not only proves extremely beneficial for our talented installers but means that the job can be done lot quicker usually in few hours with it all being hassle free for our customers. This also means that individuals who already have a cylinder in place don't need to fork out more money for a cylinder and its installation for the type of cylinder which will be compatible with the machine as compatibility of the machine is with every type of cylinder. The retro fit installation also means the job is fairly easy to conduct and requires a plumber and Fgas Engineer to do a job thoroughly plus it also means that the issues with regards to the installation of the machine is negligible due to it being straight forward. This also means you could be saving money, going green and enhancing your comfort level largely within hours of contacting us.

Cost Efficient

Due to the high level of savings from installing our systems, we have calculated that a lot of people will pay off their system within 6 years or less depending on few conditions. Even though the cost of the system may at first seem relatively high, with the efficiency and bill savings inevitable, it is a worthwhile investment which will be paid off in no time and immediate results will be seen in your home.

Best Quality Solar Water Heating System

The thermal collectors have been in use for a long time within your house, the FRIDGE being a prime example. The process is simple but has proved revolutionary first providing cold temperatures for food storage and Air Conditioning. Now Arkaya has extended the use of thermodynamics to use solar energy to provide warmth to masses by essentially reversing the process.

Retrofit With Existing Hot Water Cylinder

The retro fit installation also means the job is fairly easy to conduct and requires a plumber and Fags Engineer to do a job thoroughly plus it also means that the issues with regards to the installation of the machine is negligible due to it being straight forward. This also means you could be saving money, going green and enhancing your comfort level largely within hours of contacting us.

Flexible Payment Options

Arkaya has a variety of payment options available to ensure customer ease and satisfaction. We accept cash and cheques in instalments as usual along with payment plans and bank support to evenly distribute payments according to your needs and requirements. We like to ensure customers are completely comfortable with the payment of their system with payment options to suit everyone.

Most Transparent Process

At Arkaya Energy Ltd. we aim to provide our clients with a transparent and editable process for easy tracking and cost calculations. Transparency and accountability need each other and can be mutually reinforcing. Together they enable citizens to have a say about issues that matter to them and a chance to influence decision-making and hold those making decisions to account.

24X7 Live Support

Have a conversation with a client service representative, who understands your needs and provides optimum solutions. Arkaya Help Expert operates 24*7, round the clock to deliver best of services for your solar energy needs. We are just a phone call away any time of the day, so whenever in trouble just pick your phone and our solar engineers are ready to help you with the highest level of customer service.

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